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New Aspects of Packaging Printing and Packaging Industry Runs into the Industry 4.0 Era

With various core beacon factories integrating digital management, intelligent manufacturing, cloud logistics, and industrial e-commerce platforms into operation, a new era of Industry 4.0 is coming!

In this new era of ascending dimension, there will be countless heroes holding the flag, and countless dead heroes weeping in the setting sun. The wheels of history are crushed, and those who write brilliant will be embracing industry 4.0.

1. According to data from the Fourth National Economic Census, 89% of SMEs across the country are in the exploration stage of digital transformation, and 8% of SMEs are in the practice stage of digital transformation, with significant features of automation and visualization. Only 3% of SMEs are in the deep application stage of digital transformation.

2. People's Daily Online: The development of digital twin technology faces many challenges, the most important of which is to ensure the credibility of the established digital model. It is estimated that by 2021, 50% of the world's large industrial enterprises will use digital twin technology, and efficiency will increase by 10%.

3. On July 18, the 2020 Cloud Printing Packaging Industry Alliance Summit was held in Shanghai. Yunyin Technology released the "Yunyin 3+1" digital series products at this summit: Yunyin Juhaodan, Yunyin Baoyintong, Yunyin Zhikongbao and Yunyin Yousu. According to reports, Yunyin's digital series products are based on numbers and efficiency as the core, opening up the connections between people and equipment, factories and equipment, and production links, and applying experience data to the practice of improving factory efficiency. In the future, the alliance will use digital products as a link to connect high-quality resources in the industry, promote cross-factory and even cross-regional collaboration between factories, and build a competitive packaging supply chain service ecosystem.

4. The production information management system of corrugated box printing machine independently developed by Oriental Seiko (China) printing machine business can realize ERP ordering, intelligent material preparation management, automatic order storage and adjustment of the best parameters, production data collection, real-time production kanban management, Production performance management, cost analysis, quality traceability, equipment failure management, remote order management and other functions can realize the intelligent, automated and standardized production management of the corrugated box printing production line to meet the needs of customers for cost reduction, high efficiency and flexible production.

5. At present, the level of automation and intelligence in the domestic packaging industry is low, which requires a lot of labor, and the production efficiency is not high. At the same time, with the rising costs of manpower, land, raw materials and other aspects, as well as the increasing requirements of customers for carton products, the development direction of automation and intelligence in my country's packaging industry has become increasingly clear. Therefore, in the context of intelligent manufacturing, by increasing investment in fixed assets, building a "smart factory", and achieving transformation and upgrading through a series of methods such as technology upgrades, efficiency upgrades, lean production, process control, and service upgrades, is a high-quality enterprise in the industry. Development direction.

6. On September 10, the "intelligent pioneer" in the packaging industry-Longlead Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation "Longlead", stock code "300883") officially opened on the ChiNext of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. On the same day, Longleader shares The half-day increase was as high as 462.72%, highlighting the hot market of smart packaging and printing in the capital market.

7. During the nearly two-year implementation process, Yutong Technology has formed a group master data management system based on the principles of “one center”, “two basic points” and “four considerations”. By developing hundreds of interfaces, Jingtong’s implementation team will include 16 related fields including supply chain management system, logistics system, aerospace tax system, capital system, quotation system, OA, CRM, PLM, MES, APS, etc. The system is fully integrated. In just four months, more than 500 customized developments were completed, more than 200,000 pieces of data were merged and selected, and about 80,000 pieces of valid data were cleaned out. Through a series of actions of code development, testing, joint debugging, simulated launching, and formal launching, the stable operation of the system after launching is fully guaranteed.

8. On May 8, 2020, HP held the “HP Indigo 2020 Online New Product Launch Conference”, launching a new and innovative and transformative HP Indigo product series, providing Chinese printing service providers and partners with faster, faster, Digital printing solutions with higher production efficiency. New innovative technologies enable printing service providers to expand more growth opportunities, provide end users with more innovative products with added value, and drive the digital transformation of China's printing industry with innovation.