The packaging structure of flexible packaging looks more vital


As a popular industry, the packaging structure of flexible packaging seems to have more vitality, because it takes a long time to change. The following are some flexible packaging structures that have occurred or are undergoing changes. There are more ways to open the box and easier to operate. Compared with the past, the packaging box now uses some small accessories to switch, like the zipper of some stand-up pouches...

Analysis of the development status of the packaging industry in 2021 The scale of paper packaging exports is growing rapidly


The current environmental protection requirements and policy guidance put forward higher requirements for the green development of the packaging industry. Green packaging is getting more and more attention. With the continuous upgrading of printing technology and the growing acceptance of environmental protection concepts, green packaging will become the future packaging industry. An important direction for development...

2021: A major change in the packaging industry is approaching!


Introduction: The difficult 2020 is about to pass, and the hopeful 2021 footsteps are stunned. Some people are eagerly waiting, and some are uneasy. In any case, for China's packaging and printing industry, a nuclear fission that has been brewing for ten years has begun. The reshuffle will be fully staged and detonated, and it will determine the direction, pattern and future of the industry in the next few decades...

Research progress, application status and prospects of paper-based packaging materials


The application history of packaging materials can be traced back to the early days of human civilization and is a vital part of the packaging industry. With the increasing environmental pollution and the increasing awareness of people’s environmental protection, low-carbon, environmental protection and energy saving have become the focus of global attention. The green R&D and application of packaging materials have also become a hot spot of people’s attention...

3.965 billion pieces of packaging consumption reached a new high this year on Double Eleven


3.965 billion pieces. This is the total number of express shipments handled by postal and express companies across the country from November 1 to 11 this year. Among them, the number of express shipments on the 11th alone reached 675 million pieces, an increase of 26.16% year-on-year and a new record high. According to the latest data from the State Post Bureau, on the day of Double Eleven this year...

New Aspects of Packaging Printing and Packaging Industry Runs into the Industry 4.0 Era


With various core beacon factories integrating digital management, intelligent manufacturing, cloud logistics, and industrial e-commerce platforms into operation, a new era of Industry 4.0 is coming! In this new era of ascending dimension, there will be countless heroes holding the flag, and countless dead heroes weeping in the setting sun. The wheels of history are crushed, and those who write brilliant will be embracing industry 4.0...